About Me

Quick rundown:

Born: IL
Grew up: Chicago (Wrigleyville), Chicago burbs, Detroit Rock City, Wichita
Grown up: San Francisco, San Diego, Colorado Springs, USA
Studied Music and vocal performance: Friends University
Played and/or recorded with: Rich Mullins, Mitch McVicker, John Leavitt, Michael Aukofer and Ryan Long. I also have an entry on IMDB because I ran sound on a documentary about Poncho Sanchez. He shared his bit-o-honey with me (IMDB fails to mention this.)
Bands/etc.: Strangers, Jimbob and the guys, The Dreamers, Kenaniah, Everyman, Red Sea Pedestrian, Chaos Theory
Guitar: Taylor 314ce, Black Les Paul copy
Piano: I like to pound on Baldwins, but play Steinways
Trombone: none

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